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Sueyoshicho Filipino CommunityWe are a Filipino Catholic Christian Community of Sueyoshicho Parish formed for the purpose of mutually supporting one another in our community including our families in Japan, nourishing our social, cultural and spiritual life based on our Christian faith. Our community is comprised of the active members and the general attendees of our English Mass held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. Anyone is welcomed to join our community and all is invited to celebrate with us the English Mass. We nourish our Spiritual Christian life through the Sunday’s worship, Advent and Lenten recollection and through our daily witness of loving our brothers and sisters in our community and loving our neighbors as well. We extend support to members facing social and other problems while living in Japan, in any way we could. Other regular activities that we do: House to House Block Rosary every 1stSunday after our English Mass where we pray together with the host family and share reflections on the Gospel reading of each mystery, Simbang Gabi during Advent season,outings like summer camp and hanami and potluck party on special occasions like Christmas and birthdays. As part of the whole parish Christian community, we do common programs, eventsand activities with the other languagecommunities. Foremost of the parish concerns is the faith education of the children. We take part in it and encourage parents to have their children join the Sunday school where they could learn basic catechesis and learn to relatewith other children of same ages. We also participate in the diocesan events and activities, when needed. Our community has been in existence for almost 30 years. What we have now, we owe this to the members who started this community. Some of them have moved to other countries or returned to our homeland. We try to maintain global network and updates through our official facebook account. We welcome you all to Sueyoshicho Catholic Church!

言語 開催曜日 開始時間
Sunday Mass
주일 미사
日本語 土曜日
English/英語 Sunday 14:00
한국/韓国語 일요일 14:00/2・4週
中文/中国語 星期天 8:00 /1・2週
Weekday Mass
火曜日(Tuesday) 8:00


2019  Liturgy Calendar of Sueyoshicho Catholic Church for Lent and Easter

2019  Liturgy Calendar of Sueyoshicho Catholic Church for Lent and Easter

April 7(Sun) 5th. Sunday of Lent 8:00 Chinese Mass, 11:00 Station of Cross, 

11:30 Japanese Mass, 14:00 English Mass

April 14(Sun) Palm Sunday 8:00 Chinese Mass, 11:00  Stations of Cross, 

11:30 Japanese Mass, 14:00Korean Mass

April 17(wed) 11:00 Holy Chrism Mass at Yamate Church(Cathedral)
April 18(Thu) Holy Thursday 20:00 Mass of the Lord’s supper
April 19(Fri) Good Friday(Fast, Abstinence) 10:00 Liturgy of Hours, 20:00 Liturgy of Passion(Japanese)
April 20(Sat) Black Saturday 10:00 Liturgy of the Hours,(Japanese)

20:00 Easter Vigil with Sacraments of Initiation( Int’l Mass)

April 21(Sun) Easter Sunday  11:30 Int’l Mass
April 22(Mon) 2nd day of Easter Octave 10:00 Mass
April 23(Tue) 3rd day of Easter Octave  8:00 Mass
April 24(Wed) 4th day of Easter Octave (9:30 Mass at Konan Church)
April 25(Thu) 5th day of Easter Octave 10:00 Mass
April 26(Fri) 6th day of Easter Octave  8:00 Mass (10:00 Mass at Konan Church)
April 27(Sat) 7th day of Easter Octave No mass. 17:00 Sunday Mass
April 28(Sun) Devine Mercy Sunday 11:30 Japanese Mass, 14:00Korean Mass