The Block Rosary

The Block Rosary is devotion where an image or statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary visits the home of a family for a month or so. It encourages the family to pray the Rosary everyday not only for their own intentions but for the intentions of the whole community.

In Sueyoshi Cho Catholic Filipino Community, the Block Rosary has been practiced for more than 7 years now and they have celebrated the Anniversary last June 2, 2019. Headed by the Sue Yoshi cho Filipino Community Coordinators and by the blessing of Fr. Hamada and Fr. Darryl, the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary was procession inside the church at the beginning of the mass while singing a Marian song. A special celebration was done right after the mass at the home of one of the community coordinator.

Block Rosaries are held every first Sunday of the month right after the English mass. The recitation of the Rosary is said to welcome the image into the new home. Although it is not a requirement and is optional, the new host hands out refreshments after the prayers to those who participated.

The Block Rosary was established to promote the neighborhood Rosary prayer and devotion to the Blessed Mother. It is commendable that such an initiative is reaching out not only to the Marian devotees but to the whole community as well.

This devotion has enriched the lives of those who take a sincere part in it and requests for a schedule for the image to revisit their homes are most frequent (wedding anniversaries, birthdays, when a family member is sick, or on the death anniversary of a family member or relative). Requesting a visit is not for members only, anyone who is willing to host the image of the Blessed Mother for a month or for an occasion could just simply contact Sueyoshi Cho Filipino Community Coordinators and most definitely, a schedule would be put in order.

Through the Block Rosary, the community and families’ faith are strengthened. The family is the hope of the Church and the Block Rosary is one of the great family traditions of the Catholic Church that we can pass on to our children as an inheritance. It is also a good way for community to get to know each other better. The Block Rosary fosters not only common prayer but friendships and goodwill as well.